DryIcons Third Birthday Giveaway

Dear friends,

With what do you associate November? For us it’s not the changing of seasons, or streets full of yellow-brownish leaves, for us November has one significance only- the birth of DryIcons!
We are delighted to say that today is DryIcons’ 3rd birthday!


DryIcons 3.0

The new website design was built around the idea of simplicity and sophistication, to achieve that we decided to remove the center column to relieve the overall design, created larger headers with deep, dark colors, and used a lot of white space.

Besides changing our looks, we also included a few new features to help the browsing and purchasing experience of our users:


A CSS3 Gradient Button Generator

Lately, pretty cool things happen in the world of web design. HTML5 and CSS3 very easily get under the skin of everyone who is involved in the web development in any way. Although, all of these stuff aren’t that revolutionary and have been around for a while in the computer designing, yet the possibility to create color gradients, box and text shadows, and even transitions and animations by the use of simple text code simply can’t leave you indifferent. The good news is that most of the browsers available throughout the wide range of modern electronic devices already accept and are capable of presenting these new HTML and CSS features. The bad news is that HTML5 and CSS3 aren’t standards yet, and we’ll have to wait for a (pretty long) while until they get out of the W3C working drafts and become a de facto standards.


Second Anniversary and Icons Giveaway Winners

The 2nd Anniversary celebration is over as of today, when we’re announcing the winners. Honestly, we expected a lot more comments, more users, eager to get a free extended license for our Coquettes…Anyway, we are very thankful to all our users that had the time to leave a comment, and those who were too lazy to do that :)