Image Batch Processing in Adobe Fireworks

Adobe Fireworks Batch ProcessBatch processing of images is often a necessary procedure in order to fulfill a certain task quickly and efficiently. The image processing software used to accomplish a batch manipulation process has essential effect to the final result. Recently we had a short tutorial on batch processing of images in Adobe Photoshop. In this short tutorial we’ll go through the important steps of an image batch process in Adobe Fireworks. In Fireworks, the Batch Process sums to three simple steps.


Multiple page printing from a HTML Adobe AIR Application

Adobe AIR PrintingIt’s been almost two months since Adobe released its first official version of Adobe Integrated Runtime — AIR 1.0. AIR provides a pretty flexible way for development of desktop-like applications by the use of web technologies: HTML / JavaScript, and Flash / Flex. In other words AIR allows web programmers to develop desktop applications. I speak from my own experience when I say that web developers have a hard time developing desktop applications.


ADOBE FIREWORKS and DRYICONS start a collaboration and other exciting news!

Adobe Fireworks Creating Icon TutorialRecently ADOBE FIREWORKS and DRYICONS started a successful and productive collaboration. The result of this wonderful experience came in the form of a tutorial called: “Creating an icon in Fireworks”. This tutorial will help you create your own icon in Fireworks CS3 and you won’t believe how easy it is to create a fabulous looking icon! This article is available on the website, here’s a direct link.
Check it out, and give us feedback through our blog comments, tell us how your icon creating turned out!

On another note, this month has been the most exciting and by far the most productive period for DryIcons’ team. In case you missed it, let me give you a quick recap of the activities at for this month.


Valentine Love

valentine-love-blog-post-image.jpg It’s February friends, it’s still winter all right, but if you’re very eager you can definitely smell that subtle spring breeze in the air. It’s the slightest smell, but it’s here, secretly announcing the arrival of glorious Spring, the period of growth and renewal. But that’s not the only reason we’re so fond of February, is it? February is also about romance and love and one special day: Valentine’s Day! The day when candy, flowers and cards are exchanged between loved ones. In that manner, we’re presenting our brand new set called “Valentine Love”.

Because this holiday is so special to all of us – we worked very hard to capture the special holiday feeling and produced 12 high quality web icons, expressing our celebration of love and romance. Our ” Valentine Love” free icon set comes in 32-bit transparency PNG and 32x32px, 48x48px and 128x128px size.more…

Image Batch Processing in Photoshop

Photoshop Batch ProcessAs a designer you’ve probably needed to process a set of multiple images, all in the same manner. A batch processing of images might be a very useful approach in handling this kind of needs. Here at DryIcons we’ve found the use of some kind of a batch image processing tool necessary in order to provide various size icons in a very fast and very high-quality way, so we think it might be useful to share our batch experience through Adobe Photoshop’s Batch.
The presentation will be done using Adobe Photoshop CS3, however things work pretty much the same in any other version (and perhaps in any similar software for that matter) and an average intuition and following the advises described here will probably keep you up on the right track.more…