Free Graphics – DryIcons’ coolest new feature

FREE GraphicsDear DryIcons users,

Tick-tack, tick-tack…the clock is ticking to start the New Year 2008; it is time to sum things up, and call it a year.

Firstly, we’re happy to share with you that the number of visits to has multiplied a couple of times this month. So, we’re closing up this month (and year) with a total of over 25.000 visits. Thanks guys, we’re feeling the love!

Speaking of numbers, we did a little counting these days, and we found that DryIcons has already more than 600 unique web icons (627 to be exact), and not just any icons, but Free Icons! If we did manage to develop more than 600 free icons in only two months, you can do the counting what we’ll have in our archives in saaay, 6 months :) Now you see we really meant it when we promised to make your on-line resource for free icons!more…

Christmas Surprise (4in1)

Only 14 more days till Christmas and we’re already very excited! We have decorated our Chrismas Tree, we’ve been singing Chrismas Carols, we went shopping for Christmas gifts, we watched the snow fall from our window. We’ve been under heavy influence by the festive feeling that only Christmas brings, but at the same time, we’ve been working hard to deliver our special “Christmas Surprise (4in1)” icons set to you.

We named this set “Christmas Surprise (4in1)” because of several reasons. One is that we wanted to make this set our special Christmas present to you, and to make it a surprise we didn’t announce it on our Home page, like we usualy announce our new sets. Second reason why we called this set “Christmas Surprise (4in1)” is because the set itself contains a surprise inside itself…actually, this set consists of 4 different christmas icons sets: “Christmas Ornaments”, “Christmas Rounded Buttons”, “Christmas Notes” and “White Christmas”.more…

Hot, fresh icon set from DryIcons’ laboratory!

New web icon set from DryIcons

We’re happy to let you know that our new icon set “Ruby Multimedia” is now available on

Ruby Multimedia icon set is the new creation of DryIcons’ laboratory. Using only two colors, red and white, we brought style and class to the next level. This set can find its use in lots of projects and applications. It contains 13 high quality web icons in 32-bit transparency PNG and Photoshop PSD format. They come in 16 x 16px; 24 x 24px; 32 x 32px; 48 x 48px and 128 x 128px size.more…

Celebrating 1 month of and 5.000 visits!

One Month AnniversaryDear friends,

It’s been a month (and one day) since first saw the light of day. During this “small” period of time a lot has happened to us personally and our website.

We started with only 2 icons sets: Aesthetica and Blue Velvet. Today we have 4 icons sets and a new one coming next week! During this month we developed our 2 WYSIWYG icons sets: Classic and Sapphire and additionally worked on a whole new set: Ruby Multimedia. All in all, today archive consists of 4 icons sets and a total of 340 unique icons.

I don’t know if you noticed, but we also changed DryIcons’ looks a bit. In conversation with our users, and after a personal realization, we decided to remove all Google Adsense from our website, and continue our work without them. Removing them created some serious gaps in our design structure, so we had to redesign the whole home page. Now we have a more stylish and user-friendly home page, and we’re very proud of it!

Of course, our celebration wouldn’t be complete if it wasn’t for you, our visitors. We started off this project out of pure enthusiasm, we had no expectations and no goals, we only wanted to continue working on our icon sets and developing this website. Now, a month later and 5000 visits away, we feel even more thrilled to be doing this, because we know our work is serving its purpose, and because there are people who appreciate what we do. A month later and our goal had set itself: “To make your on-line resource for free icons, so you don’t have so search any more!”

For those who know how to keep a secret: we’re also working on a “Christmas surprise” icon set, since we’re all starting to sense the holiday spirit and make it our Christmas present to you.

WYSIWYG icon sets are now avaliable!

New web icon set from DryIconsDryIcons has officially made the WYSIWYG icon set available. Driven by the huge popularization and demand of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web icons, we created these highly useful icons sets and made them available for everyone visiting the DryIcons website. This useful collection consists of two slightly different icon sets: “WYSIWYG Classic” and “WYSIWYG Sapphire”.
The “WYSIWYG Sapphire“, as the name indicates, can find its use wherever you might need WYSIWYG editing or similar actions in your applications. The WYSIWYG Sapphire Icon Set is a part of the DryIcons’ WYSIWYG sequence icon sets, the name is inspired by its specific tone colors giving it an unique ‘sapphire’ look. This set contains 47 high quality web icons. They come in PSD and PND file formats, in 128 x 128px size.more…