Welcome to DryIcons Blog!

Welcome to DryIconsWelcome to DryIconsWe begin our DryIcons blog with great pleasure. Because this is our first post, we would like to introduce ourselves, as a way to start an on-going dialog related to web icons (of course), graphic and web design, programming, web trends, tips, etc.

Our team consists of four people, two programmers and two designers. Initially, we started working on a small set of icons for a local Software Development Company. We had so much fun while working on the project, that we continued developing icons for ourselves. This website and all icons sets are a product of an enthusiastic goal: to share and give away!

Keep in mind that dryicons.com is a living being, we are constantly working on creating new icons and icon sets, new services and a whole lot more. What we have now is only the beginning, new sets are on their way.