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    Studio In Template

    Studio In Template

    StudioIn is build upon modern and clean design concepts, a creative-for-creatives template made for various profiles of professionals.

    The template has more than 20 components easy to use and manipulate, and over 20 page templates. In addition to the customization options there is a nice color scheme switcher available. In fact the color customization options go far beyond that, making it virtually an endless color-customizable template.

    Studio In Website Template Color Options

    StudioIn presents the following features:

    ✓ Multi-layout responsive design

    ✓ In-house build CSS-based and a Nivo slider option for the homepage

    ✓ Twitter widget

    ✓ Various styles of touch-enabled Galleries and Sliders

    ✓ Multiple styles available for the Accordion, Toggle and Tabs

    ✓ Responsive Image and Videos inclusion

    ✓ Various styles of Alert Boxes

    ✓ Multiple styles of Buttons, Lists and Tables

    ✓ Various styles of product/services Pricing Tables

    ✓ Google Maps easy-to-use component

    ✓ A wide set of multi-layout portfolio pages

    ✓ Three different styles of Contact Page, all including a Google Map, Contact details and a Contact From with a PHP handler

    ✓ Social Networks ready-to-use widgets