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    What is DryIcons?

    Not like any other icon developing website, DryIcons creates unique icons and icon sets, vector graphics and web templates and initially gives them away freely, with our Free License. That way DryIcons is giving priority to independent coders/developers, small design firms and organizations. For the rest of the users, who are not able to use the Works with the Free License, DryIcons offers two different, affordable licensing options, the Commercial and the Extended License.

    Who is DryIcons?

    Rabotilnica (Workshop) is a creative studio working in the creative design and web development industry, and DryIcons is Rabotilnica's first born (project). This is an independent company founded by 4 good friends. The team is comprised of two programmers and two designers, all engaging, skilled, committed and highly competent persons with more than 9 years of experience in their fields of interest.

    Meet the Team


    Meri Donevska-Kosturanova

    Sales Manager, Designer

    Your first contact with the DryIcons Team is Meri. All your e-mails with questions, ideas, comments, briefs, business proposals and goals are received and answered by her. Before the start of any custom icon design or development process, she will answer all your questions and concerns, negotiate all details, prepare scope of work and evaluate costs and timeframe to complete your project at the highest quality level.


    Krum Gjorgiev


    Krum is coder number 2 in the DryIcons team. When building websites he always makes sure to give priority to the user, that's why he creates easy to use and easy to navigate websites with interfaces that inspire confidence in your company. He is highly motivated in every aspect of his work and devoted to ongoing education. Besides his coder position in the team, he is also our system administrator, responsible for supporting and maintaining DryIcons' servers and responding to service outages and other problems.


    Vanco Stojkov

    General Manager

    The designers duo may have a perfectly designed website, but this means nothing if it isn't on the net. Vanco will bring your project to life with his most advanced coding and scripting powers. He works very hard to make sure the website looks great, and in the same time comply with the W3C standards and provide faultless interaction with site visitors. Vanco brought the DryIcons project to life and is responsible for keeping the DryIcons engine running at all time. In the meanwhile, he's working on ways to improve the websites' functionality, as well as developing various web applications.


    Vane Kosturanov

    Art Director

    After all initial project arrangements are made and we're ready to start your new custom icon project, the one who will come up with the most unique looks and style is Vane. He is the main creative force in this small workshop with over 8 years work experience in vector design and can be trusted in the most challenging project you may have.
    Vane is also head master of the Free Icons section, browse over all DryIcons' free icons sets so you can clearly visualize what Vane can do for you.

    Where is DryIcons?

    DryIcons' offices are located in Strumica, in the Republic of Macedonia (Southeastern Europe).

    DryIcons Logo

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