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We get a lot of emails from our customers asking about specific types or styles of graphics that we do not have in our collection. While we make every effort to accommodate our customers, often times we don’t have the resources to custom design a file from scratch. It’s much easier for us to point you in the right direction where you could find a file that fits your needs at a much cheaper price than we could design it from scratch.

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Dryicons on Dribbble

Japan Will Blossom Again

Hey friends,

You know that basketball inspired site, the one everybody’s talking about, yes, that designer friendly site called Dribbble? As of today, we’re there shooting pixels from half court and trying to show off our greatest works.


Detecting mouseenter with CSS Animations

While working on a recent project we were amazed to find out that a trivial task as detecting a mouseenter on an element could be such a pain. But yes it was! Unfortunately it was the source of tons of our headaches. I know that most of you reading this would instantly scream out “the heck dude… jQuery: $.mouseenter()!”. And yes, you would have been right, jQuery (and probably other) supports it by simulating the event and makes it possible to be used regardless of the browser. However by targeting the modern browsers only, and performance being an essential part of our project, no jQuery nor any other JavaScript library was available – nothing but vanilla JS.



Web Playground

Valentine Flame Canvas Animation

For quite a while now, we’ve been making efforts to start up a playground section on our site, a place where we can gather all the things that we create just for the fun of it and share it publicly,
a place that can inspire and educate ourselves and the people that come to our site.