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Abstract Winter Landscape Vector Graphic

Mar 04, 2013 | Trees and Landscapes, Backgrounds

Abstract Winter Landscape Vector Graphic — decoration, geometric, mountains, wallpaper, triangle, glacier, angle, card, ice
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Once you download Abstract Winter Landscape Vector Graphic in .eps file format, you will need a vector editing program (such as Adobe Illustrator) to be able to open and modify the file.

abstract, angle, background, card, decoration, geometric, glacier, ice, landscape, mountains, triangle, vector, wallpaper, winter

The alluring blues and whites of sunlight through a glacier inspire this chilly abstract graphic. Overlapping white triangles of ice stand at the base of this image, suggesting a distant polar mountain range. As they rise, the triangles fade into crystalline geometric patterns, like the facets of a cut stone. The colors darken to brilliant blues toward the top of the image. There is a mathematical precision to the arrangement of lines. Where two lines intersect, there are circles of reflected light. This is an elegant image, unobtrusive enough to fit in anywhere but striking enough to create a memorable impression.

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