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Autumn Fruits Vector Graphic

Nov 11, 2013 | Conceptual, Backgrounds, Seasons

Autumn Fruits Vector Graphic — clean eating, pomegranate, products, seasonal, healthy, organic, orange, health, grapes, apple, clean, cute, pear, food, diet
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Make sure to keep your diet intact through the fall season with this cute, health-oriented graphic. By mixing autumnal colors with a cornucopia of fresh fruits, this vector creates a nice juxtaposition. The sandy background is dark enough to highlight the bright colors of the oranges, pears, and grapes, but light enough to contrast with the deep red-and-gold shades of the autumn leaves. Half of an apple sits in the middle of the graphic underneath simple cursive text. This is a great graphic for promoting healthy products and foods during the fall season. It's colorful, cute, and effortlessly hip.

apple, autumn, background, clean, clean eating, cute, diet, food, fruits, grapes, health, healthy, illustration, orange, organic, pear, pomegranate, products, seasonal, vector

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