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Christmas Card Blue Vector Graphic

Nov 23, 2010 | Cards, Conceptual, Backgrounds, Holidays

Christmas Card Blue Vector Graphic — royal blue, stylized, holidays, glitter, family, merry, swirl, bold
A stylized Christmas tree stands front-and-center on this engaging card. Bold white strokes trace across a swirling outline, and white stars fill out the contours brilliantly. The deep, royal blue of the background sets up an appealing contrast and makes the image seem to shine on the page. The balanced symmetry of the tree creates a sense of movement, while its controlled lines draw the viewer towards the base text. The words “Merry Christmas” are emblazoned in a frosty, glittering cursive. This versatile graphic is classy, elegant, and a gorgeous way to send holiday greetings to friends or family.
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blue, bold, card, christmas, family, glitter, holidays, merry, royal blue, stylized, swirl


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