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Crystallized Banners Vector Graphic

Mar 25, 2013 | Backgrounds, Frames and Banners, Most Popular

Crystallized Banners Vector Graphic — advertising, crystalized, promotion, geometric, triangle, features, message, crystal, modern, angle
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These banners use three-dimensional geometric designs to draw in and engage your viewers. Gem-like outlines make up the background of the image, referencing the angular look of the shapes surrounding the rectangular banners. Each banner uses a cool color to complement the neutral parchment background. The banners extend outward from crystalline structures to display your text in a simple, straightforward font. This image provides a perfect way to explain the features of a product or service while keeping your readers' attention. It's a professional, polished graphic with a refreshingly modern look.

advertising, angle, background, banners, crystal, crystalized, features, geometric, message, modern, promotion, triangle, vector

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