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    Decoration Elements Vector Graphic

    December 20, 2012 | Cards, Backgrounds, Holidays
    Decoration Elements Vector Graphic

    card background, christmas, classy, decoration, elements, holidays, merry christmas, modern, season, vector

    The balanced symmetry of this card conveys a classy-yet-casual seasonal greeting. The center of the field is marked by a round, brick-hued snowflake. Cutouts of reindeer, candy canes, bells, trees, and holly leaves surround the snowflake, creating the shape of spherical ornament. This design uses color to create a nuanced, traditional look. The objects in the foreground range from yellow to gold to rust, and subtle white-and-brown stars freckle the top half of the image. It has a number of eye-catching images, which subtly draw attention to the cheerful text at the bottom of the page.

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