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Playful Flower Vector Graphic

May 31, 2013 | Flowers and Swirls, Backgrounds

Playful Flower Vector Graphic — announcement, stylized, floral, garden, cute, card
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A stylized orange-and-green flower provides the basis for this playful background. The flower has several layers of petals, and the smallest petals have the deepest colors. The largest petals seem slightly translucent. The long, thin stem is pure green, but there's orange and green hues on either side of the flower. The green hue follows a dotted line to the top of the page, adding to the stylish look. The unique use of color sets this image apart from other floral graphics. The background is mostly neutral, and it provides an excellent place for text or other added elements.

announcement, background, card, cute, floral, flower, garden, green, playful, stylized, vector

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