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Prism Banners Vector Graphic

Nov 25, 2013 | Backgrounds, Frames and Banners, Most Popular

Prism Banners Vector Graphic — contemporary, futuristic, geometric, triangle, abstract, modern, shapes, light, angle
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These banners are an excellent choice for professional applications; they're complex enough to keep viewers interested, but not overly complicated. Both of the banners use a complex prism as a focal point. A purple globe appears to orbit the space around each geometric shape, and white lines cut across to add to the texture. The simple font has a classic look, which creates an effective counterpoint to the futuristic approach. The plain white of the background gives these banners a clean, modern look, and the subtle gradient on the prism contributes nicely to the effect.

abstract, angle, background, banner, contemporary, futuristic, geometric, light, modern, prism, shapes, triangle, vector

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