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Shiny Christmas Tree Vector Graphic

Nov 27, 2012 | Cards, Backgrounds, Holidays, Most Popular

Shiny Christmas Tree Vector Graphic — Christmas tree star, web background, decoration, stylized, deep red, elegant, lights, print, card, star
With deep reds and bright whites, this graphic makes an elegant statement. Swirls of light make the shape of a Christmas tree, and a hand-drawn star sits at the top of the image, suspended by two strings of gold. The rich red background fades naturally towards the edges of the image to draw the viewer's attention to the brightness of the tree. Stars and specks of light add some complexity to sides of the image's frame, and scribbles of gold fill in some of the blank spaces. This graphic is active, but it's not too busy for a card or web background.
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background, card, christmas, Christmas tree star, decoration, deep red, elegant, lights, print, red, shiny, star, stylized, tree, vector, web background


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