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Steps Vector Graphic

Jun 12, 2013 | Design Elements, Backgrounds, Most Popular

Steps Vector Graphic — presentation, infographic, portfolio, countdown, brochure, stylish, outline, element, three, flags, sleek, web
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Sleek, stylish, and straightforward, this portfolio element gives you an intelligent way to introduce information. Three numbered flags make their way down a black pole with a teardrop shape at its base. Each flag uses a different color, which lets the viewer's eye move easily from one point to the next. The text is displayed in a consistent sans-serif font. This is a great element to include in a table of contents or in the first few pages of a project outline. Thanks to its professional look and straightforward presentation, it's easily adaptable for a variety of purposes.

background, brochure, countdown, design, element, flags, infographic, outline, portfolio, presentation, sleek, steps, stylish, three, vector, web

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