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    Aesthetica Icon Set

    PNG: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128

    ICO, ICNS: 128x128px

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    License: Free, Commercial or Extended

    Aesthetica Icons Preview / 4 x 64
    Commercial License   $25.95

    Extended License   $129.75

    Aesthetica Icons PreviewComputer IconComputer Remove IconComputer Accept IconComputers IconProcess Remove IconProcess IconProcess Accept IconProcess Add IconLock IconLock Disabled IconLock Off IconLock Off Disabled IconClock IconDatabase IconDatabase Accept IconDatabase Remove IconDatabase Add IconDatabase Up IconDatabase Down IconDatabase Next IconDatabase Previous IconDatabase Search IconDatabase Lock IconDatabase Process IconSearch IconSearch Add IconSearch Remove IconPage IconPage Process IconPage Edit IconPage Remove IconPage Accept IconPage Add IconPage Up IconPage Down IconPage Next IconPage Previous IconPage Search IconPrinter IconPrinter Search IconFavorite IconFavorite Remove IconFavorite Add IconPlay IconFast Forward IconRewind IconSkip Forward IconStop IconPause IconEject IconRepeat IconRecord IconMail IconMail Edit IconMail Add IconMail Accept IconMail Remove IconMail Next IconCd Add IconCd Accept IconCd Remove IconCd Down IconFolder IconFolder Edit IconFolder Process IconCd IconSkip Backward IconFolder Add IconFolder Accept IconFolder Remove IconFolder Up IconFolder Down IconFolder Next IconFolder Previous IconShopping Cart IconShopping Cart Accept IconShopping Cart Remove IconShopping Cart Up IconChart IconChart Accept IconChart Add IconChart Remove IconRss IconRss Edit IconRss Add IconShopping Cart Down IconRss Remove IconRss Next IconComment IconComment Remove IconComments Remove IconComments Add IconComment Edit IconComments IconComment Add IconAttachment IconWindow Remove IconWindow IconWindow Add IconWindow Next IconWindow Edit IconWindow Lock IconWindows IconApplication IconApplication Remove IconApplication Add IconApplication Next IconWindow Up IconApplication Up IconApplication Edit IconApplication Lock IconRemove IconAdd IconUp IconDown IconNext IconBack IconAccept IconInfo IconHelp IconUser IconUser Remove IconUser Accept IconUser Add IconUsers IconApplications IconShe User IconShe User Remove IconShe User Accept IconShe User Add IconShe Users IconNote Edit IconNote Remove IconNote Accept IconNote Add IconNotes Edit IconCalculator IconCalculator Add IconCalculator Remove IconCalculator Accept IconImage IconImage Remove IconImage Edit IconImage Add IconImage Next IconImage Up IconImage Lock IconImage Multi IconHome IconHome Next IconMovie Track IconMovie Track Add IconMovie Track Remove IconMovie Track Next IconSound IconSound On IconSound Off IconWord IconPdf IconArchive Icon

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    Commercial License $1.99

    Extended License $7.99

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